The coffee, fruits and spices are grown in harmony with the existing natural environment. Moderate, evenly distributed rainfall, high elevation, mixed shade trees in two tiers and mist delays the ripening of the Arabica coffee cherries. This helps the coffee bean to develop optimal flavour. The intercropping of fruits and spice provides additional shade and lends to the distinct flavour profile of the coffee


40% of our fertilizer is met by vermi-compost organic manure produced on the estate. Organic matter from the fallen leaves further enhance the natural sandy loam soils. The steep slopes are terraced with stone soil-conservation revetments, built to help prevent topsoil erosion.


The primary source of water is the rainfall the estates receive. Rainwater is channelized in elaborate drains lined with stones and harvested all over the estate in water bodies.


Two tiers of native and exotic shade trees are maintained to regulate sunlight and rain. The trees protect the coffee plants from direct sunlight, regulate temperature variation, prevents soil erosion and excessive weed growth. Moisture conservation and reduction of pests and diseases are additional benefits.


The shade trees and water bodies are home to rare species of birds, mammals, fish and reptiles. They co-exist with the coffee, fruits and spices in complete harmony, in a unique micro climatic environment.