Located in the heart of Yercaud town. An oasis of tranquility and bliss in the midst of hustle, bustle and organised chaos of Yercaud town. Overlooking the lake, a former coffee plantation being restored with exotic and native species of trees and plants to provide the ambiance of a private Arbouretum. The trees attract various species of birds and serve as the lungs of the growing Yercaud town. Ecological sustainability is a bold, concrete and decisive step towards leaving a small carbon footprint on the fragile environment.

Lakeview camp has been conceptualized to provide a forest ambience in the midst of Yercaud town. The mindless exploitation of the town can be contained with this concept of balancing commercial interests and preservation of the fragile environment. This is a unique opportunity for adventure travellers to help preserve the local ecosystem, enjoy the salubrious climate of the Shevaroys and practice “Shinrin-yoku” (Japanese for “taking in the forest atmosphere”, forest bathing or simply being in the forest).