Coffee Experience Tours

The ultimate coffee experience tour on a 150 year old estate.
For the first time in India a working plantation which produces nursery seed to roasted beans and everything in between on the property!

What you will see: Nursery, lake, Cauvery Peak, wet processing plant, dry processing plant, roasting, grinding and packing unit, coffee museum and information center.

If you are lucky: Birds, Animals, The Cauvery River, and Mettur dam on the horizon

What to wear: Comfortable walking shoes, hat, sunglasses. Rain Jacket / warm clothing depending on season.

Tour Details:

Tour duration: 1 hour 15 minutes
Tour timing: 3 Slots per day (11 am, 1 pm & 3 pm) Tuesday Holiday
Minimum: 1 persons
Tour price: 600 including GST
Tour price includes:  Guide fee, Drinking water. kindly bring your own bottle.
What to wear: Comfortable walking shoes, hat, sunglasses. Rain Jacket / warm clothing depending on season

Basic courtesy expected from guests: You will be entering an ecologically and socially sustainable 150 year old estate. Help us preserve it for the future in the present pristine condition by.

  • Not picking fruits, flowers, leaves, barks, plants
  • Not throwing plastics or other waste. Plogging is highly appreciated and encouraged
  • Not throwing stones in to water bodies
  • We encourage you to take many pictures of the property and yourselves and share with friends and on social media.
  • We are a medium size family owned and run business and need your business and goodwill to continue to grow.


We encourage guests to walk in and visit us between 8am – 3.30pm all week to experience our

Head Office

  • Coffee Museum
  • Information Center
  • Spices Center and Packaging
  • Retail Kiosk