Thangavilla Homestay

Thanga Villa is a rustic bungalow built in 1943 as a managers bungalow by MSP Nadar and named after his wife Thangamma Nadar. It also housed a coffee processing unit. It is located right in the heart of Yercaud town. It is now maintained for homestay. The Villa is surrounded by a 6ft high compound wall. Thangavilla has spacious lawns and gardens surrounded by a variety of trees and plant species. It has been refurbished with all modern amenities while retaining the rustic outer shell. Thangavilla has two spacious bedrooms, two bath and two half bath with accommodation for up to 8 people. Plenty of outdoor seating to enjoy the pleasant climate. One can expect to wake up to the chirping of a variety of birds.

Rent a private villa in Yercaud to spend your holidays with your family or friends. Thangavilla rental is available both for the short and long-term at an affordable rate.